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    KB Camping Boxes

    Pure Primal Luxury

    Welcome to KB Camping Boxes where outdoor living meets indoor functionality. We currently offer two boxes designed to keep the designated camp cook happy, and one box to help fill the frying pan.

    The KB Spice Box is something that came from years of trying various methods for storing, organizing, and transporting the many spices that keep campers well fed and happy.

    The KB 4000 Fly Box is designed to facilitate the process of converting fish hooks into fuzzy little fish food things.

    The KB Chuck Box is just that - an ordinary wood box (of sturdy construction) that transforms into a functional kitchen cabinet. Again the result of years of pawing through a chaotic mess of supplies and dry goods while "roughing it."

    And then there's stuff that's just for fun like the KB Boom Box.

    Thanks for visiting KB Camping Boxes.

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