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KB Spice Box

US Patent 9,549,641 B1

    The KB Spice Box is designed to be rugged, durable, and easy to use. The box is constructed from furniture grade baltic birch plywood, and is securely bound with leather straps for additional strength. Two latches securely hold the box closed, and two leather handles allow the box to be easily carried when it's time to hit the road.

    The durability of the box has been demonstrated by multiple crash tests where the box - containing glass spice jars - was dropped five feet onto a concrete floor. Although the cosmetic damage was bad, the spice box held together and no jars were broken.

    The KB Spice box has the capacity to hold 20 spice jars which are included with the box. The jars are held in the box by proprietary brackets that immobilize the jars when the box is closed and that allow each jar to be easily removed when the box is open.

    The KB Spice Box is the ultimate tool for taking your gourmet skills on the road.

    The KB Spice Box includes:

    ♦♦ Twenty 3 oz. glass spice jars
    ♦♦ Printed spice jar labels
    ♦♦ A spice funnel
    ♦♦ A label alignment jig

    A KB Spice box can be purchased by clicking on the button below. The cost is $250 ($280 including shipping) per box. OK, that's a lot for a little spice box, but these boxes are unique, rare, incredibly useful, status enhancers, and have a lifetime guarantee.

    If you're still interested, and if you live in the Denver area (or want pick it up yourself), select "Deliver" in the drop down menu.

    If you're really still interested, and live outside the Denver area, select "Ship" in the drop down menu. Shipping covers anywhere in the US.

    Also select the color you want (if available). There are only 2 spice boxes remaining, both are in gunstock.

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